Edmund Clark
'Control Order House'

25 editions of “Control Order House” are available boxed with a print. Both book and print are signed and are accompanied by a certificate. There are five prints to chose from, each an edition of five. Each print is a photograph from the series of thumbnail images in the book, and all feature CE’s cat.

CE’s cat is the only visible living presence in the book and it was the only company CE had for most of the time, free to come and go when it pleased. An innocent pet with a complicated significance in “Control Order House”.

314 x 224 x 21mm
Black Wibalin paper coated box with sticker

290 x 210 mm digital c-type print
Housed in glassene sleeve, signed on the reverse

290 x 210 mm pink 80gsm sheet signed and numbered by the artist

Signed on the title page

Edition of 25 (5 different prints, each in an edition of 5)

ISBN: 978-0-9574724-4-0