Natasha Caruana

Natasha Caruana posed as a bride-to-be and contacted women who were selling their wedding dresses online. In many instances, the faces in the photographs used to show the dresses had been obscured by the sellers. Caruana asked for high-resolution copies of these photographs: images originally made to validate a ceremony and now recycled as components of small ads. With their faces obscured, bride, groom and entourage become masked performers acting out emblematic scenes. Their personal stories and reasons for sale are left to the imagination.

The antithesis of the trophy wedding album, ‘ONO’ focuses on the discarded props of the fairytale production and finds unintended meaning in the carefully staged images.

210 x 148mm, 24pp
Digital indigo print on uncoated recycled paper
Three hole hand stitched binding
Wrapped in white archival tissue paper
First edition, 150 copies, signed
Published 2012

Sold out at source

Photo-Eye Best Books of 2012 | Wayne Ford