Jack Latham
'Parliament of Owls'

Nestled within the redwood forests of Monte Rio, northern California, sits Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre retreat owned by the exclusive gentlemen’s San Francisco Bohemian Club, founded in 1872.

Every summer, the retreat is frequented by the political and business elite of the US. Shrouded in secrecy, the activities at the grove have become the subject of countless conspiracy theories and rumours.

In 2000, Alex Jones, the founder of infowars, broke into the encampment in an attempt to ‘expose the new world order’ and filmed the Cremation of Care, a theatrical ceremony in which an effigy of the members’ 'worldly cares' is burnt.

Beyond inspiring a bizarre attack on Bohemian Grove by a masked vigilante calling himself the Phantom Patriot in 2002, the release of the video footage, set within an alarmist context, was instrumental in increasing Jones’ profile as a far-right activist and subsequently springboarded infowars to become an influential outlet of fake news in recent US politics.

In 'Parliament of Owls', Jack Latham explores the effects that a vacuum of information can cause.

Please note, the foot edge of this book is trimmed in such a way that alternate spreads of the book remain closed at the bottom. This is not a fault in production but an intentional aspect of the book design.

‘Parliament of Owls’ is part of Jack Latham's trilogy about false narratives: how we can be convinced to believe a false narrative (‘Sugar Paper Theories’), how we are inclined to create a false narrative if there is a void of information (‘Parliament of Owls’), and how we are all subject to the propagation of false narratives in today's media economy (‘Beggar’s Honey’).

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235 x 320 mm, 192pp
74 photographs + 3 illustrations

Softback with single signature, singer-sewn, folded with fore edge uncut and foot edge cut so that alternate spreads remain closed at the bottom.

Includes 13 transcripts from various sources and an essay by Professor Peter Phillips

Edition of 1250
ISBN 978–1–9993494–0–0

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